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Blockchain in Healthcare

Mike McCoy
Blockchain Implementation Manager, Accenture

Mike McCoy is a Blockchain and Emerging Technology Implementation Specialist leading the CMT Blockchain Practice in the Northeast at Accenture and building the ‘Blockchain in Healthcare’ curriculum starting at Thomas Jefferson University this fall.

Build a Video Game, Learn a Programming Language!

Ever felt guilty about spending the night playing video games instead of learning that hot new programming language? Tired of “playing with React”? If you’ve never written a video game from scratch, this talk is for you. I’ll explain how to get started, and why games make such a good medium for learning new things.

Artem Chistyakov
Senior Software Engineer at Wildbit

Artem works at Wildbit, where he and his team of friends are making Postmark a little better every day.


ECRI’s Project Pancake: dribbling k8s syrup on stacks of recycled laptops – and rolling it out company wide

Scott Fraser
CIO, ECRI Institute

Scott Fraser joined ECRI Institute in 2017 as chief information officer. He is responsible for software development, information security, infrastructure, and digital content.

Jason Giedyman
Software Architect at ECRI Institute

Python on my left, Go on my right, NodeJS in my pocket, Scala in my shoes. 0-60k in linear time.

Stability Bit Versioning

Richard Feldman
Author, Elm in Action

Richard is a functional programmer who specializes in pushing the limits of browser-based UIs. Read more about Richard.

Chrome Dev Tools Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Jonathan (JB) Belcher
JavaScript Electro Wizard, Automattic

JB has been building for the web for over a decade. He is a Web Technologies Google Developer Expert and an organizer of Philadelphia Javascript Developers and LibertyJS conference. At Automattic he works on a variety projects democratizing the web.

Software and Bike repair: Reflections on how to become a better software engineer while using a pedal wrench

Bobby Ren
Senior Mobile Engineer, Xfinity Home Device Onboarding

Bobby Ren is a senior mobile engineer in Xfinity Home’s Device Onboarding team. He has been at Comcast for three years and has been doing mobile development for the last 8.

Data Modeling with Cassandra

Dan Boykis
Consultant, Chariot Solutions

Dan Boykis is a developer working for Chariot Solutions building low latency web services, mostly in Java and Clojure. Dan is generally interested in functional programming and concurrency. His lighting talk will be about data modeling in Cassandra and how it differs from data modeling with relational databases.

Making SDKs that don’t suck

Audrey Troutt
Engineering Director, Comcast Digital Home Mobile Apps

Audrey Troutt is an engineering director for the Comcast Digital Home Mobile Apps and is based in Philadelphia, PA. Previously, Audrey was a senior software development manager for the In-App Marketing, App Store Analytics, and TMC SDKs and plugins teams at Tune.

Three Tricks for Effective Logging in a Distributed World

Keith Gregory
AWS Architect, Wingspan Technology

Keith Gregory has been programming computers since 1977, making a living from it since 1984, and doing it on AWS since 2008. In that time he has worked on a variety of applications, from real-time data acquisition systems to business intelligence applications built on massively-parallel databases.

CSI – Container Storage Interface: Turn any storage into cloud native storage

Andrew Sauber
Senior Software Developer, Linode

Andrew Sauber is a Senior Developer at Linode working on Linode’s Kubernetes Engine. He can be reached on Twitter @wk3as.

Session Info

April 23rd, 2019
Location: Salon D
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


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