Making SPA Smarter with GraphQL


GraphQL is a client/server API specification for submitting queries, updates and subscribing to data, and it’s been an interesting replacement technology for JSON in single page applications.

Originally created for the Facebook application in 2012, it began life serving the graph of connections between people, posts, and other related data. Ultimately, Facebook open-sourced the relay server and the API was published as a standard. This was followed by other client-and-server-side implementations such as Prisma’s Apollo client and server, and the cloud service GraphCool. Implementations exist for other languages such as Java, Python and Ruby.

In this talk, Chariot’s SPA mentor/trainer Ken Rimple lays out the case for GraphQL, explains how it works (focusing on Apollo’s client and server APIs as well as GraphQL Java in Spring for examples) and demonstrates its use in an application. He’ll discuss tooling, schema design, conceptual challenges, and implementing queries, subscriptions and mutations from both a client and server perspective.

Session Info

April 23rd, 2019
Location: Salon C
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Ken Rimple

Angular Trainer/Mentor; Chariot Podcast Host