Serverless Architecture: A Love Story


Serverless applications are the future of lightweight, scalable, and performant application development. Developers are breaking apart their monolith applications into smaller, purpose-focused microservices. They are quickly and purposefully prototyping application ideas. Moving to a “Serverless” environment really means to migrating a fully-hosted environment to using a fully-managed compute or persistence service from one of the big cloud platform providers. One of these services is likely a FaaS (Functions as a Service) offering that can be triggered by HTTP, webhooks, IoT, queues, and other service events that are internal and external to the platform. This event-driven ecosystem means that “serverless” functions also have easy access to any services offered by the cloud platform on which they are deployed.

In this talk, we’ll be discussing the all of the parts of the Serverless Love Story: break-up, decoupling, high availability, commitment, communication skills, and dedication. We’ll also explore which cloud platform might be your perfect match.

Want to go “serverless,” but don’t don’t to commit to one platform or service? We’ll also discuss how it’s possible to stay more flexible and get all of the benefits of a fully-managed application. Just as data can be migrated between services, developers should be able to write microservices once and deploy them similarly on several platforms.

Session Info

April 23rd, 2019
Location: Salon C
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
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Linda Nichols

Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft