Various Speakers

About Various Speakers

Lightning Talks at ETE

The following speakers will be presenting 5-minute lightning talks at ETE.

  • Mike McCoy – Blockchain in Healthcare
  • Artem Chistyakov – Build a Video Game, Learn a Programming Language!
  • Scott Fraser & Jason Giedyman – ECRI’s Project Pancake: dribbling k8s syrup on stacks of recycled laptops – and rolling it out company wide
  • Richard Feldman – Stability Bit Versioning
  • Jonathan Belcher – Chrome Dev Tools Features You Didn’t Know Existed
  • Bobby Ren – Software and Bike repair: Reflections on how to become a better software engineer while using a pedal wrench
  • Dan Boykis – Data Modeling with Cassandra
  • Audrey Troutt – Making SDKs that don’t suck
  • Keith Gregory – Three Tricks for Logging in a Distributed World
  • Andrew Sauber – CSI – Container Storage Interface: Turn any storage into cloud native storage
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